Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Palace

So mom and dad are off in St. Pete's....rubbing it in our faces with their online photo album. Thanks, guys. Sheesh. Bill and Jester are a little POed to put it lightly. So I decided instead of wallowing in self pity (which Bill, Jester, and myself do on a daily basis) I'd post a few of our own pictures. For your info, we also were at the summer palace....okay, so there weren't any 300 year old "natural" fountains, but there was a kick @$$ bonfire and some really cool deer poop. we even had a little picnic of our own. here it is in all it's splendor.......eat your heart out 'Peterhof".


Marvin said...

And, we got a couple of ship captain sailor caps too. The "nice buns" were esp for Wm. See if you can top the Hermitage or Thermostat as M2 calls it tomorrow.

Chris & Crystal said...

If you're looking for a fountain, just stand Bill up on a pedestal and have him pee. He's chubby enough to pass for one of those cute cherubs.