Friday, May 29, 2009


Yesterday I was calling Drew at work and I absentmindedly dialed '325'
before his work number. Winkler is still in my blood, yo.

The other day Drew and I were watching a driving scene in an American TV
show - we both thought for a moment that the guy was driving on the
wrong side of the road. Weird. I felt like I had betrayed Canada for a
minute. Every time I hop into a car I still have to think really hard
which side to get in. Sometimes I want to be the passenger, but I end
up being the driver. I'm curious to know what will happen when I get
home. Hopefully it'll all come back to me. It's just like riding a
bike, right?


Crystal said...

You. Belong. Here.

Karla said...

You can take the girl out of Winkler, but you can't take Winkler out of the girl.