Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Side Kick

We've been waiting for the right time to crack open the package of
3-Cheese Sidekicks that my dear Crystal sent along with my parents.
Tonight was the night!!!
Tonight was the night because:
1)I'm feeling a little under the weather and didn't feel like cooking
2)It was rainy and I didn't feel like cooking
3)I cook ALL THE TIME and I didn't feel like cooking

This was the conversation we had after we ate up all the delicious,
processed noodles.

Lise: "Hey Bill, did you know that these noodles are from Auntie Crystal
in Canada?"
Bill: "Oh! Did she send them on a ship or by airplane?"
Lise: "Via airplane with Nana & Papa"
Bill: "Oh....We need to go back to Canada to get more noodles"
Lise: "Yes, we do"
Bill: "We need to go to Super Store in Canada to get some more."
Lise: "Yes, we do"
Bill: "You should tell Auntie Crystal to save us a package"
Lise: "I will."

Crystal, Please make sure there is a package of 3-Cheese Sidekicks at
SuperStore when we come home. Thanks for the treat! You saved supper.
AND here's a big BIRTHDAY shout out to my FAVORITE gal on the planet.
I'm gonna celebrate hard core in PNG. AND I get to celebrate before
anyone else because today is May 21st on this side of the globe. AND
because I'm Canadian I have the right to celebrate again when it's May
21st in Canada. Party Hardy.

Heck ya!


Noel said...

Although I'm not the 'favourite gal in the whole world', Thanks for celebrating my birthday too! - Noel is skipping out of town to get dunked in a pool a few times (HUET underwater Egress training) -basically so if a plane he's flying goes down he knows how to get out of it. Our website is (Not sure if you knew that) Love the blog. I check the Choates, and yours and other POCers regularly, but as everyone is in the village, yours and the Choates are the ONES!

Crystal said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out. And tell Bill I will BE SURE to save him an entire case of 3-cheese Sidekicks if only you will COME HOME!!!!