Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I will now attempt to capture PNG

I am officially doing photography for a job!!!!!!! My assignment:
capture images that scream 'PNG'....texture, fabric, people...the sky is
the limit. They will be using the photos for brochures and other kind
of media stuff. Cool, eh?


DavenHeather said...

oh lisa.. so beautiful! you are talented.. i am so sad you will not be here on friday to take pics of noah & ari's party. we miss you!

Noel said...

Wow Lisa, what a fantastic job! Absolutely beautiful pictures, and a job doing something that you love and are great at - so glad that you didn't rush to 'fit' a spot, but waited and now found something that only you can do so well. And you know what, looking at those pictures just made me in awe not of people's craftmanship, but that God created people who could do that. Love Catharine

Anonymous said...

Wow Lise! Great job, I love the pictures. I'm so happy that you have found a job that you love to do and are so good at! Good for you!

Joyce said...

Lisa, Those pictures are amazing. The colors are so vivid and bright. Keep up the great job.