Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top 10 Signs Tok Pisin Has Infiltrated Your Speech:

This was posted on the humor board and I had to laugh at myself....I've only been here for 10 months and my English has been officially infiltrated by Tok Pisin! ~Lisa

1. You've started an English sentence with the phrase, "No good you."

2. That was right after the sentence you started with "Suppose."

3. You meet every sad story you hear with "Oh, sorry!" before the
person has even finished speaking.

4. You've used "gone finish" as part of an English sentence.

5. You can't think of a better way to describe your problems than as

6. Your use of "alright", "true", and "yet" is out of proportion with
normal English speech.

7. You've started a petition to have "maski" officially added to the
English language.

8. All your neighbors have signed that petition!

9. You have to work extra hard to keep Australian curse words out of
English conversations. (It's not swearing when it's in Pidgin!)

10. You let your "Yes" be "Yes" and your "No" be "Nogat!"


Noel said...

Hi Lisa,
Just to let you know that I enjoy seeing the pictures on your blog and your insites and sweet spirit. I hope you are doing alright especially after the kids grandparents leaving. We are praying for you, and thanks for your recent newsletter too.

Noel said...

You can let the Penningtons know that we are praying for them too. Hope you are hearing good news from their time in the village and that they are healthy.