Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My To-Do List.

I have my own To-Do list.


1. Use 'LYMTYKD' as much as possible before we leave.


2. Get Drew and myself ready physically and mentally to say hello to Mr. Buttered Popcorn, Mrs. Coffee Bean, and Ms. Chocolate.  (And I'll practice saying hello to Mr. Peanut Butter just in case).


3. Get a new coming home outfit...again.


4. Hide all pocket knives and bush knives to be sure they stay in PNG.  I AM concerned for the safety of my relatives.  Don't worry guys, I got it covered.


5. Go to the Madang Resort, establish a half decent internet connection, and check out Siren's spring collection online and possibly pre-order. (weeee ooooo weeee oooo)


6. Stuff as much pineapple, papaya, and mango into my mouth as physically possible.


7. Make sure to pack 'Meine Seele' and make sure to remind Chris that I still have it.  Crystal, tell Chris that I still have it.


8. Fill every little crack and crevice in our suitcases with Snax in the FOOD Snax Beef.  Not the person.


9. Drill Bill and Snax Beef on names of all our relatives.


10. Drill Andrew on names of all our relatives.


11. Get my vocal chords warmed up for church.


12. Call the Winnipeg airport to ensure they will not allow any bullhorns, personal PA systems, and noisemakers on April 8th.


13. Get the boys to practice wearing shoes and put a ban on peeing outside in the yard.


14. Get Crystal to call those brown apartments on Pembina to check for vacancy ONE more time.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed! 




mmloewen said...

AND..... practice on the Disarrano!!

Crystal said...

You can check #7 off the list, Brat ;)

Heather said...

yummy disarrano... my house, this summer, front porch. lovely.