Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snax Beef says good bye

Snax Beef is a lover and collector of all things creepy and crawly. I'm
trying to prepare the guy for Canada. I broke the bad news to him a few
days ago, "Man, sorry tru, but there are no geckos or lizards in Canada".
Being his optimistic self he replied, "yeah, but there are OWLS!". In
another conversation following this one he said that he was going to hike
through the forest in Canada and kill a fox. Phewf. He took the news
pretty well. He'll just exhange PNG creatures for Canadian ones. No sweat
in the Arctic, eh?


mmloewen said...

Jesse, you can catch moths and lady bugs,(those were Mommy's fav's)
and crickets and flies and crickets

Heather said...

we have an owl that lives on our roof at night.. you can gladly come take that hoot hoot away jesse!

corina said...

I miss the geckos too! They were my favourite creature on our trip. Once I realized the loud EH-OH sound was a gecko it didn't scare me at night anymore. Snax Beef and I will have to swap photos and stories at the next family gathering :)