Wednesday, March 31, 2010

our pets.

More hard good byes for Snax Beef are on the horizon. This weekend he found
this monstrosity of a bug. The thing scared me and it hissed whenever you
touched it. My oh my, did Snax Beef ever have fun. The bug's name was
Whiskers because of his abnormally large antennas. Snax even let Whiskers
go free on Saturday night after much peer pressure. Whiskers took off, but
somehow found his way back to Snax the next morning. Unfortunately Whiskers
life ended fatally. We found him lying on his back in the pile of Lego
being eaten by hundreds of ants.

The gecko picture above in the fire truck didn't stick around long enough to
be named, but he sure had fun pretending to be a fire fighter. He even got
to drive the fire truck, which was definitely a highlight for him. Bill
released him after much peer pressure.

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Love those geckos!! Jesse, you'll have to try to sneak one home in your suitcase..